High School Resources

Trackers and Templates

Check out these organizational trackers and templates. Need help staying on top of your academic goals and extracurriculars or not sure how to create a resume? Use these to keep track of scholarships you are seeking, internships that interest you, and much more!

Scholarship Tracker

Summer Programs Checklist/Essays

Essays in Progress

Senior Blueprint

Resume Template

Professor Internship Guide and Organizer Template

Financial Aid

College Admissions

  • University of California Logo University of California

    The UC Application opens August 1st for its nine campuses. The deadline to apply is November 30th. Click to start your application.

  • California Stat University Logo California State University

    The CSU Application opens October 1st for its twenty-three campuses. The deadline to apply is December 4th. Click to start your application.

  • Common App Logo Common App

    The Common App represents nearly 900 campuses; the application opens August 01. Deadlines and requirements vary by institution. Click to learn more.

  • California Community Colleges Logo California Community Colleges

    Community colleges accept applications on a rolling basis. Click here to learn more.